CATS love TUNA 2015/2016

Published : 2015-04-21 06:24:06
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CATS love TUNA 2015/2016

Singapore Designer Makes a Big Splash.   MadAboutHue (MAH) a Singapore fashion boutique has released their 3rd Collection “Cats love Tuna” - a whimsical collection of underwater world elements. The prints inspired by the images of artist Chris Parks and his fluid paintings have taken on a unique eye catching look incorporating design elements including cats, tuna cans, seaweed, floating jellyfish and flamingo heads. The line is accentuated with bright bold colors that are sure to make it the "Cats Pyjamas" this Summer.   MadAboutHue (MAH) CEO Ms Ondina Montgomery said today, “As a designer, living in Singapore is an extraordinary experience with the mixture of cultures from all corners of the world living in a tropical paradise.  For me this collection (Cats love Tuna) visually brings it all together with uber kaftans and classical swimwear all bearing our striking prints on gorgeous silks and lycra.  They feel fantastic to wear!”.   This year has seen a slight departure from scarves and kaftans for MAH with the release of their sell out collection co designed with fashion icon Ms Min Li Tan. Tan who was voted into Tattlers fashion Hall of Fame 2015 co created the boutique collection with Montgomery using striking MadAboutHue prints.  Tan’s loves the new collection commenting, “Delightful and charming, Ondina has hit the right notes with Cats Love Tuna, with its irresistible summertime prints, translated into lovely swimwear and languid silhouettes”.   Apart from the Cats love Tuna Collection, MAH has been asked to collaborate with several designers (local and international) this year ensuring we will all have a chance to wear her fabulous prints…..eventually.

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