David Lidbetter Feather Series

Published : 2013-11-03 00:00:00
Categories : Mazette

David Lidbetter Feather Series


David Lidbetter is a London-based photographer specializing in still life. He recently sent us his “Feather” series, depicting in extreme detail beautiful textures of a currently trending object.  The subtle kaleidoscope of colors on view here reflects Lidbetter’s simple and fun style.

david-lidbetter-feather-series-1 david-lidbetter-feather-series-2 david-lidbetter-feather-series-3 david-lidbetter-feather-series-4 david-lidbetter-feather-series-5 david-lidbetter-feather-series-6 david-lidbetter-feather-series-7 david-lidbetter-feather-series-8

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