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Published : 2014-08-11 10:01:42
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LOVE assembly

1 Natural rock formations always leave me speechless – and taking lots of photos, of course! – but when they make out to be a wonderful shape as sweet as a heart, it makes it that much more special. Don’t you think? From the deserts in Southern California to the islands of Greece, here’s 8 stunning heart shaped rock formations for you to find around the world:

Maui, Hawaii A hike to Nakalele Blowhole, Maui’s dangerous – but beautiful nonetheless – attraction will lead you to this perfectly heart shaped rock formation alongside breathtaking ocean views.

2,3 Greece With the abundance of stunning rock formations in Greece, here’s two heart shaped rock formations to search a little further for: a sharp carved-like heart in Milos (left) – a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea, and one free standing in Palm Beach in Crete - the largest and most populous of the Greek islands.

4 Crestline, California The Heart Rock Hike in Crestline, California is a 1-mile round trip along a creek through the forest. There’s a tiny 20ft waterfall (aka Heart Rock Falls, formal name: Seeley Creek Falls) known for the heart-shaped pool beside it that has been carved into a solid rock cliff by the force of water.

5 Algarve, Portugal With sun-drenched beaches, restaurants and resorts, Algarve, Portugal’s premier holiday destination on the southern coast is not hard to fall in love with… Especially if you find this heart shaped rock formation!

6 7 Joshua Tree National Park Located in the southern California desert and named after the national park’s best-known plant – the Joshua Tree. In spring, cacti and wildflowers bloom in warm vivid colours. Amongst the other natural beauty you’ll find here are the uniquely shaped hearts that are scattered throughout the park.

8 Nevada The elephant rock formation is one of the most photographed in Nevada’s oldest and largest state park but there’s definitely a sweet spot for this heart shaped rock formation in a rich red sandstone.

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