Mad About Hue : A Whimsical Collection Inspired by Nature

Published : 2016-06-13 15:56:44
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Mad About Hue : A Whimsical Collection Inspired by Nature

                                           A whimsical collection inspired by nature…with nature.

As 2016 closes in on the autumn months, Mad About Hue focuses on a palette of bold colours on intricate and carefully constructed prints. Unveiling its latest series of designs,Take Courage – its Autumn-Winter 2016/17 collection – will be available this July, embracing nature in all its glory of ubiquitous florals and the fascinating world of insects.

In this collection, Kimono-inspired pieces are given a modern twist to reflect the drama and influence of Asian culture; while the predominant colours of green, black and purple are accented with some subtle yellow to bring the Take Courage collection to life. Likewise, the influence of nature can be observed through a creative collage between photography and hand-drawn details.

Truly embracing nature in all senses, insects are put in the spotlight, from the welcome presence of butterflies to the bold onslaught of some of the earth’s scarier scorpions
and beetles. Just as people squirm at the sight of creepy-crawlies or embrace them, Mad About Hue’s newest season collection turns the fear-factor into something breezy and beautiful.

Mad About Hue (MAH) produces accessories and ready to wear collections that delight, amaze and fascinate the viewer. With the aesthetic statement “SCIENCE + ART becomes FASHION”, MAH is all about prints, colours and individuality while creating wearable art pieces.

The company also specializes in creating commercial and conceptual prints, and has experience designing, developing and producing an extensive range of printed fabrics for the global fashion and interior industries.

True to their belief, all of MAH’s collaborative artists have a background in science or involve the process of science in the creation of their work. As such, all its creative pieces have a limited printing run, instantly turning into must-haves for art lovers and collectors alike.

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