Styling a Summer Scarf

Published : 2013-10-11 00:00:00
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Styling a Summer Scarf

styling-a-summer-scarf   Long gone are the Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor days, where the Hollywood Golden Age ‘it’ girls of the late ’50s would don a head scarf or ‘kerchief’ that would blow effortlessly in the wind as they drove through the countryside in an old Aston Martin soft top.

They would look so fabulous and powerful; wind in their hair, red lipstick perfectly applied and sporting cat-eye sunglasses and an attitude that was strong yet sweet. Although those days are gone with the wind, there is still something so exotic, mysterious, fun and flirty about a lightweight, feminine flowing scarf in the Summer breeze. A gorgeous scarf can be the most practical accessory in your wardrobe this Summer, adding texture and a touch of light layering to your outfit, without the bulk of a winter scarf. A multi-purpose scarf can help you to create a myriad of looks by simply tying the scarf a dozen different ways: in your hair, around your neck, hand bag or beach bag, as the case may be. The Style Net brings you a Scarf Styling Tutorial by one of their retailers, MAH (MadAboutHue) - a luxury scarves brand who collaborate with artists and designers for their unique prints, creating lightweight and wearable art pieces that rely on craft rather than mass. Fashion writer Iona recently took her style cue from The Style Net and basked in the sun, sea and scarves – engaging in the philosophy of the multi-purpose scarf for a day at the beach with her girlfriend… (all that was missing was a red convertible!) Iona and Lucie channel their inner free spirit through their styling of the MAH scarves. styling-a-summer-scarf-1       styling-a-summer-scarf-2   styling-a-summer-scarf-3 styling-a-summer-scarf-4         styling-a-summer-scarf-5 styling-a-summer-scarf-6 styling-a-summer-scarf-7 styling-a-summer-scarf-8 styling-a-summer-scarf-9 styling-a-summer-scarf-10 styling-a-summer-scarf-11 styling_a_summer_scarf_14 styling-a-summer-scarf-12 styling-a-summer-scarf-13 styling-a-summer-scarf-14 styling-a-summer-scarf-15 styling-a-summer-scarf-17 styling-a-summer-scarf-18 styling-a-summer-scarf-19 styling-a-summer-scarf-20 styling-a-summer-scarf-21 styling-a-summer-scarf-22 styling-a-summer-scarf-23 styling-a-summer-scarf-24 styling-a-summer-scarf-25

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